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The Largest Wooden Dummies we offerWing Chun Dummies in the Foshan StyleHong Kong Style Wing Chun DummyMookjong.com Limited Edition Wooden Dummies

a mookjong.com wooden dummy
is the ultimate training device for the modern martial artist.  It's culmination of centuries of tradition, excecuted with the precision of modern technology. They are designed by a Wing Chun legend & mechanical engineer, Grandmaster Chris Chan, and are hand made by a master craftsman in California. The "Mook Jong" or Wooden Dummy,  is the preferred training tool of many systems of martial arts, most famously Wing Chun Kung Fu and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

we are proud to offer
a commemorative run of a limited edition mookjong.com Wooden Dummy, featuring a hand polished ebony stain, a laser etched red Wing Chun logo in English & Chinese, and a custom plaque with your name and the dummy's serial number.

our standard dummies include a "Traditional" model similar to the legendary Ip Man's "Hong Kong" dummy, which was made by his student, Koo Sang.  We have a "Modern" dummy based off designs from Foshan, China, the "Mecca" of Wing Chun.  And a "Jumbo" model for simulating combat with a much larger opponent.

all of our dummies
feature laminated hardwood trunks, one-piece lathe turned arms, as well as an incredible modern version of a dummy leg from Grandmaster Chris Chan's personal dummy, which was selected by none other than the legendary Wong Shun Leung.  Each complete set comes with your choice of a portable or stationary freestanding wooden dummy stand.