Real Wooden Dummies

We are the oldest wooden dummy builders in the United States. With over 40 years of experience, our expertise dates back to the 1970's when no one really knew what this MookJong is. Our roots are from Hong Kong building in garages off the streets of Kowloon. All of our designs are based off of Grandmaster Ip Man's original dummy maker Koo Sang. 

Koo Sang was a wooden worker that built Mookjongs from his garage to make a living. He worked to perfect the wooden dummy's sound, texture, and vibrations. He retired in 1995 but his workmanship lives on. 

Mookjong wooden dummies are all built in the USA using sustainable hardwoods. The arms fit perfectly nestled into 3 square holes through the base of the dummy. Our wooden dummy bases are shaved down by hand for a perfect round shape. The wooden dummy comes with a standard wood leg naturally shaped to reflect upon a real opponents limbs. You even have a choice to choose a real wood limb to add some style to your dummy. You can select different types of woods and colors or even add a school logo to your dummy. Also we offer an adjustable height wooden frame to contain your dummy. 

Our company previously imported them from Hong Kong until we found a need for the quality to improve. We found ways to faster and more efficient ways to customize and deliver your wooden dummies. We thought about the details that go into developing a proper wooden dummy for each individual. Most of the wooden dummies made before had a smaller base and arms. We realized that opponents come in all different sizes are could be bigger than you.

The 9" base gives the practitioner a more solid feel to it. The 3" diameter arms create a stronger armed opponent. All of our arms and legs come with custom pegs and carabineers to lock in place. This prevents the wooden limbs from sliding out when executing techniques. 

The process used to take 9 months or more to get one built. Our delivery time for each custom dummy is now two to three weeks from order to your door steps.