Limited Edition by Grandmaster Chris Chan

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This Limited Edition wooden dummy has the U.S. Wing Chun logo and Grandmaster Chris Chan's signature on it. This dummy is only available in Piano Black being that has been his favorite color. It is similar to the Modern Wooden Dummy but with heavier arms. A certificate of authenticity is included with this dummy package that includes his official chinese chop.

Grandmaster Chris Chan brought Wing Chun Kung Fu to San Francisco, California USA 50+ years ago. This limited edition set is available as a collectors edition to celebrate the accomplishments of his Wing Chun travels, training, and techniques that he has brought back to the United States of America. The set is designed with his specifications on dummy weight, arm sizes, art details, and wood. Only a set number of these will be personally autographed by Grandmaster Chris Chan himself. Each of these dummies is serialized on a plaque with the year created to remember this timeless work of art.

The Limited Edition set will be colored in Piano Black and styled with a red U.S. Wing Chun logo. The arms will equip as oversized arms to represent a larger fighting opponent.

Made from oak wood.

Available in black.