About Mook Jong Wooden Dummies

U.S. Wing Chun has been crafting "MookJongs" or aka wooden dummies for about 50 years plus. Wooden Dummies have been origins dating back several hundred centuries to the 1600s. The wooden dummies are literally known as the wood man dummy or “Mook Yan Jong” as it is known in Chinese. They are known to be made of the toughest hand craft woods. The Mook Jong represents your fighting opponent. It allows you to practice and train your Wing Chun techniques in application when sparring with a person is not an option. This simple early training machine allows you to perfect your angles while toughening your body to withstand pain to execute your techniques. The upper wooden sticks represent your fighting partners arms while the lower arm represents your opponents arms in motion from lower attacks to the body. The single leg gives you position to where your attacks to the leg joints and knees may be.

Mookjong Wooden Dummy