Types of Wood

MookJong is all made in USA from sustainable forest products to build the very best wooden dummies for use. Different attributes of wood give off a variety of sounds and variations of flexibility. You can tell how well you are working on the dummy but the mere sound. The wooden dummy is laminated with a core base and a facade. The core is a solid wood block that allows a surface for the wood facade to create that cylindrical shape.  

We currently build our wooden dummies from a variety of woods depending on the availability of our suppliers. MookJong typically uses Oak, Poplar, Ash for the core of the dummy. The facade, which is the outside of the dummy we typically use, Beech, Ash or Oak depending on the type of stain. For color stains, Beech works better on the surface and taking in brighter colors. For darker colors, we would use Ask or Oak. Oak usually has more grain and is dense. It may not take stains. 

Details on Types of Wood